Different Lace Materials Used to Make Lace Front Wigs

Human hair wigs are currently one of the best types of hair for most people. They exist in different forms, such as half wigs, full lace wigs, and lace front wigs human hairLace wigs are also loved because of their natural appearance and how they mimic your hairline. Hair strands are usually attached to the lace, whose size varies between the full lace and lace front wigs. In full lace wigs, the base is completely covered in lace, while in lace front wigs, it runs from ear to ear. We look at the lace materials for lace front wigs below.

Lace materials used in lace front wigs

The kind of lace used on these wigs brings about significant differences like quality. There are three main forms of lace which are;

1. The swiss lace

It is the most common type of lace for human hair wigs. The purpose of lace is to make the wig hairline appear yours, and all lace front wigs do precisely that. However, those with swiss lace are more realistic because of its fine nature. It is designed to allow the free flow of air hence reducing heat accumulation when wearing it. On the contrary, swiss lace is very delicate, and you can easily damage it by brushing or pulling excessively. The hair strands tend to break or come out, thereby reducing the hair volume.

2. Stretchable lace

When buying a human hair wig, you want something that’s neither too big nor too tight for your head size. The stretchy lace comes in handy to create a single cap size that can expand to accommodate every person. It is used in full lace wigs, too, but it only covers the front section a lot of the time. Stretchable lace is mainly used when manufacturing wigs in bulk, but it can also be used during customization if it’s the client’s preference or the head measurements are unreliable.

3. French lace

Like Swiss lace, you can hardly notice the French lace in someone’s hair, but it is not very common. It blends in seamlessly, creating a flawless transition from the hair to your face. Also, the hair strands appear to be coming directly from your scalp, but they are neatly tied on the lace. It has perfect airflow, feels good on the skin, and is the most long-lasting of the three laces. The material hardly suffers any damages, but you should still care for it to extend its use more.

Last words

Lace is an essential part of a lace front wig. It’s the base of the front part and holds the hair strands in place, making them appear natural. The types of laces above have individual merits and demerits, but they all benefit the user. Lace front human hair wigs are priced differently courtesy of the lace, so always know the lace you want before buying. Ensure it works well for your skin and is comfortable to wear.