Different Styles of Necklaces You Can Choose From

Different Styles of Necklaces You Can Choose From

Chain necklaces are nowadays trendier than ever in almost all age groups. Not a single classy look is complete without it. Once, only a single plain chain was available, only going with certain outfits and looks. Today, there is a wide range and variety of best necklaces for women, from long to short, light and heavy, casual or formal, single to double to triple-layered necklaces. With the right amount of information, you can find just the perfect necklace to go with your look of the day.

This article is there to fill you in with all the necessary information about the different kinds and styles of chain necklaces so that you will be able to slay every look. Let’s get started!

Different styles of necklaces

Following is a wide range of different styles of necklaces available in the market:

Herringbone style necklaces

This classy necklace chain comprises short and flattened parallel links, and these links are patterned in an offset manner. There could be two or more two rows of links. The herringbone chain necklace beautifully sits flat around your neck and could be worn with both casual and format outfits.

Bead or Ball style necklaces

A bead or ball-linked chain style is unisex and features silver or golden beads or balls linked together to form a single chain. This chain is usually connected with a decorative pendant, typically a dog tag, to give it a more exclusive look because it is not a stand-alone accessory. While choosing from this style, you can select the length of the chain and the size of the beads, which are available in 2mm-10mm. These chains commonly go best with the street, hip hop look.

Box Chain style necklaces

Box chains are popular with women and are also widely worn by men. It is made up of box links, and they do not easily break. But in case if they do break, they could be easily reattached without harming the elegant design. Box chains can be worn as a stand-alone accessory with casual outfits like turtlenecks.

Snake Chain style necklaces

This chain looks like a flat snake and has the same flexibility as evident by its name. This is because it comprises many small plates or bands that are secured tightly and form a smooth and glossy chain. You won’t be able to see the links because they are knit close together. These delicate snake chains look absolutely stunning when paired up with beautiful and attractive pendants. These could slay on formal dresses and occasions.

Curb Chains style necklaces

This design is the most basic and common design and people's top choice for chain necklaces. It features a series of interlocked uniform links. In curb chains, there are two types. The first one is heavy and bulky, which gives it a masculine touch, and the other type is a smaller and delicate curb chain, making it look feminine.

Rope chain style necklaces

It is one of the aesthetic necklace chains; it features metal segments that are twisted and formed into a rope pattern. This is very popular among the ladies as it can be worn as a stand-alone accessory and with an alluring pendant. This chain could easily go with any look that you want to sport.

Wrapping Up

All chains could easily be aesthetically pleasing if you know what to pair them up with. If you want a stand-alone chain, you have a wide range of options to choose from, but if you want to pair your chain necklace up with a pendent, then only go for the strong and durable chains. And finally, to keep your chains shiny and damage-free, get them cleaned periodically.