Factors to Consider before Ordering Vape Pen Cartridges Wholesale

Factors to Consider before Ordering Vape Pen Cartridges Wholesale

Whether you are a local retailer or an online seller of vapes, you need to order vape pen cartridges wholesale to meet the growing demand of your customers. However, it would help if you made an informed decision. Since tons of wholesalers are out there, try figuring out which one will work for you and why. 

Here are some factors that you need to consider before placing an order of vape pen cartridges wholesale.

The Demand of Your Customers

Different customers have different demands. Whether it's your first time ordering or you already have a set business, it's vital to gauge the needs and demands. As you know, vape pen cartridges are demanded by youth. Some of them will demand equal concentrations of two renowned substances, THC and CBD. However, other customers will ask you to provide them with more ratio of myrcene and linalool as they want to make it go as high as possible. Looking into customers' demands will help you create a breakdown of items you need.

Profit Margin

Always take a quote for vape pen cartridges wholesale from different companies to calculate profit margin. As you know, disposable vapes need to be affordable because they are for one-time use. Your customer won't be ready to pay high for it. Therefore, always ask for a deep discount for disposable ones. One product that can add more profit to your retail business is the premium oil cartridges. Not every wholesaler has it, but you should try to get premium oil and flower concentrate. Why? A rare thing always sells at a high-profit margin. Since demand is there, a few have their supply, so you can set a high price that your client won't mind paying.


Some customers prefer taking products from licensed dealers. It might not be your concern when you are just starting up a Cannabis business. However, over time you will realize the importance of this license. Few wholesalers offer licensed products. The best thing about these products is that they aren't accessible at every other store. If you keep them at your store and offer them to your customer easily, it's how you can tap on untapped markets and earn more.

Return Handling Mechanism

Before you place an order of vape pen cartridges wholesale is whether the wholesaler offers an outstanding return handling experience or not. As you know, most cartridges are made of glass. No matter how careful a shipment company is, there are tons of mishandled products.

Are you ready to take this chance of having half of your order broken? Of course, you want a fair share of this loss, and it's when return handling comes into the picture. You need to be clear about the returned product and how you can submit a claim. If a vape wholesale company doesn't have an excellent return policy in place, you need to face a considerable loss. It's never a good deal. Thereby, before you even make a deal, look into this factor. Try to make a safe deal that doesn't cost you profit.