How To Maintain Your Dish Drying Racks

Drying racks are essential structures in the kitchen. They eliminate the need for drying dishes and utensils with towels before storing them. Drying dishes with towels is not very hygienic. You allow the dishes to dry organically before storage with a drying rack. You can purchase drying racks for dishes from Pusdon. The Pusdon brand specializes in both over-sink and countertop drying racks. This post looks into tips for drying rack maintenance.

Maintenance for dish drying racks

The following are some efficient tips for maintaining your drying rack for dishes;

1. Proper setup or assembly

You can maintain your drying rack by ensuring that it is correctly assembled. More often than not, drying racks are usually made up of several parts dismantled. This means that you can assemble the parts before you start using them. The manufacturers typically provide a manual for assembling the parts.

2. Proper usage

Proper usage will help keep your drying rack from getting damaged. For instance, you must not place large and heavy items on the rack as they could damage the product. Also, avoid placing hot items on the rack as they could damage the material. This is especially necessary for plastic racks. It is also worth noting that using a drying rack for any other purpose other than holding clean dishes and utensils could damage it. For instance, some people place their drying racks in the bathroom and use them for holding soap and toiletries. The chemicals in the toiletries could cause the rack to rot and get damaged faster.

3. Proper cleaning

Cleaning is a significant part of maintaining your drying rack. Proper cleaning will help ensure that your rack is free from bacteria build-up and enhance its life span by avoiding rust and molding. To enjoy the benefits above, you must clean the rack correctly. The material of the rack often determines the correct cleaning technique.

For instance, for cleaning metallic drying racks for dishes, all you need is a bucket of water, dish soap, and a small scrubbing brush. However, this is not the same with wooden or bamboo drying racks. You will need a particular solution to protect the wood from getting damaged by water for such racks. When removing stains, you cannot soak bamboo drying racks as you would metallic racks.

4. Avoid using towels for drying the rack

Proper drying is also an essential part of maintaining your dish rack. Drying the rack will eliminate all the moisture and keep it from rusting. You may be tempted to use a towel or a piece of cloth to dry the drying rack. However, this would be a bad idea. Using a towel or cloth for drying may contaminate your rack and undo all your cleaning efforts. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be to dry the dismantled rack organically before putting it back together. However, if you are 100% sure that the towel is clean and sanitized, you can use it to dry the rack.

Final word

Proper maintenance for drying racks mainly depends on the rack design and material. This means that the same tips may not work on all drying racks. The best brands usually provide maintenance details for their drying racks.