How to Style Your Long Lace Front Wigs

How to Style Your Long Lace Front Wigs

If you are a wig lover and you don't already have any long lace front wigs in your wig collection, you deserve an award or maybe a caution. Lace front wigs are amongst the most common wigs on the planet. The first reason these wigs are common is the beauty it offers their users. Another reason for its popularity is the natural look and feel of a lace front wig. Because the lace material is usually transparent, it takes on the color of your scalp. That way, it looks as if the hair is coming directly from your head, and unless you mention it to an onlooker, they'll have assumed it's your hair.


Lace front wigs are already very stylish, but it still gives you a number of styling options that you can do on your own. You may need some tools and skills to style the hair further. You can do the usual baby hairstyles with the lace front wig, or you can try out the up-and-do style of wig. Let's show you how to style your lace front wig nicely;

Baby Hair Style

The baby hairstyle of wearing your lace front wig is the easiest way to style your lace front, and it requires little or no time at all. All you need is to follow the process;

Comb baby hair forward

Already, a lace front wig has baby hairs at the front, but if you don't keep those hairs in check, the hair won't look so lovely anymore. The first thing you need to do is ensure that all those tiny hairs in front are fully forward. To do this, you'll need a comb to pick the hairs forward and brush them. You may need to close your eyes while doing this, as some hair may reach your eyebrow area.

Tie hair backward

If you want to style your baby hair, you need to get all other parts of the lace front wig away. Luckily, the lace front wigs usually have baby hair in front, so all you need to do is to take the remaining parts to the back. You can use a headband to tie the hair behind if it is long enough. If it isn't, you can try to weave the hair at the back -as long as it's only your hair in front.

Apply gel to the baby hairs

After combing the baby hair, add a little bit of gel to the baby hairs in front. If you already used adhesive gels initially, you may not need any special gel again. As much as possible, be careful not to use too much gel as it can mess up the whole process.

Style and spray the baby hair

After applying the gel, the baby hair should already look sleek. If you are not satisfied, you can always use a comb to style the hair however you want it. Remember to sit in front of a mirror throughout the process. After that, you can spray the hair to make the baby hair set and release the remaining part of the wig tied in step 2.


Lace front wigs are not only beautiful but stylish. With the steps described above, styling your lace front hair just got better.