How to Wear Headband Wigs – 2021 Beginner’s Guide

how to wear headband wig

Do you want to know about headband wigs?

Wigs are one of the most popular forms of hairstyle right now. People wear wigs regularly to change their hairstyles often. Mixing wigs is healthier than constantly dyeing, bleaching, and touching up your hair.

Regular wigs are fantastic to use but tedious and challenging to wear appropriately. You’ll need to master the art of wearing wigs to achieve natural looks. That’s why headband wigs have been increasingly fashionable in recent years.

In this article, we will tell you about headband wigs and how to wear them.

Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are simply a wig with a headband attached. These wigs are significantly easier to put on and take off. You can also style with your hair, and they’re growing in popularity by the day.

These wigs appear to be standard wigs on the inside, with the addition of many combs for a more secure fit. These combs keep your wig in place because they don’t require the use of glue or lace.

If you’re curious about how to put on a wig. Then, below we’ll walk you through the steps of wearing it easy and quick.

How to Wear Headband Wigs?

However, you do not require the use of any lace or glue. You can simply wear them like a cap and go about your business. Now, depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, you may want to style your hair differently. But, for now, let’s look at the most frequent way to wear wigs. 

Step 1

Sweep your hair back

Firstly, wear a wig cap, brush your hair neatly so it doesn’t tangle under it. Next, it’s a good idea to comb your hair back to ensure that the combs or Velcro straps stay in place.

Step 2

Brush your newly grown hairs: 

Then You’ll need to brush your baby hairs in the other way, causing them to protrude beneath the headband, creating the impression that you’re not wearing a wig at all.

Step 3 

Put on your Wig:  

Lastly, after you’ve finished combing and prepping your hair, simply put on your new headband wig, tighten the band to keep the wig in place, and style your hair as desired.

And you’re all done. Isn’t it easy! 

Styling Your Headband Wigs

Styling your wig is easier than you expect. You can style your wig in any way you like, just like a regular wig. Furthermore, you can tie it up, let it free or trim as your need. Also, with extra care, you can dye your wig if it’s made from human hair.

Furthermore, you can also make your style by swapping headbands with various wigs. Headband wigs are perfect for trying out new looks. 


So this is a wrap. So we’ve discussed why headband wigs are easy to wear and affordable in this article. Hope this article is helpful for you. 

You can experiment with your looks with ease and fast. Just in a couple of minutes, you can achieve a beautiful natural hairstyle. Furthermore, if you’re just getting started with wigs, headband wigs are perfect. 

That was a quick guide on wearing headband wigs. We hope you have gathered enough information and might be getting one.