The Best Specs of Huawei Band 6 series for lovers of Smart Watches

Life has never been this better! Can you imagine everyone has their own doctor seated in some office miles away from the patient, but he gets to monitor the patients’ health status? The notable evolution is worth appreciation to Huawei Company that through their smart band watch, this revolution has been made possible.

For this reason, several products from the company are in high demand with people buying them even when some seem to be quite expensive. It’s because of their ready usage and the straight gap they fit in real-life situations. For instance, the most recent huawei band 6 cena is part of the health fitness smart band.

Everything You Need to Know About Huawei’s Band 6 cena

14-day battery life

Huawei Band 6 offers 2-week battery life for typical use and 10 days for rapid usage with intense activities that need acute monitoring. The math here means a power shortage will not easily inconvenience you at any given place and time. With the battery supercharge ability, you can always count on a 5-minute charge to last not less than 2 days, thus relieving you of constant charging

All-day SpO2 Monitoring

Huawei has built SpO2 detection, which monitors your blood oxygen saturation 24/7. This is because chronic low blood saturation can lead to memory loss, fatigue, brain and heart damage. Using this feature means you are within a healthy zone with doctors a notification away.

TruRelaxTM  Stress Monitoring

This is the best feature providing a service never seen before. You can track your stress levels at any time of the day using the TruRelaxTM; when they get too high, you use the built-in breath training to reinstate yourself to a relaxed and focused state of mind.

TruSleepTM 2.0 Sleep Tracking

This feature detects the 4 different sleep states- deep sleep, REM, napping, and light sleep. With an improved accuracy of 96.3%, it records how much you slept and indicates the quality of sleep you had. Sleep being an important portion of life, it is essential because a better day starts with a night of better sleep.

The super Comfortable straps

Made from skin-friendly UV-treated silicone, they are super light and dirt resistant. It is much comfortable to wear due to these great features. With various colors, the straps are made as an encouragement to many people to wear the band because of its blending feature of different phones.

Menstrual cycle Tracking

Like a Lady, you can navigate your menstruation calendar using Huawei band 6. You will receive timely, discreet reminders when your period is due, so you won’t have to be taken by surprise by the periods in public. This is a true, caring, and helpful friend on your wrist.

Huawei band 6 is a friend of many. It has helped many people, and it will also be of substance. If you don’t have one of these smartwatches, look for one. Their price is fair as compared to other series like; watch series, GT series, and FIT series. Thanks to Huawei’s power of innovation.