Interesting things you did not know about Remy human hair wigs

Remy human hair wigs are not very common because of their value. They are human-based and come from humans who voluntarily all their hair because of religious reasons or personal initiative.

How long does Remy’s human hair last?

Remy human hair extensions last between 6-8 months when you take good care of them. Reasonable care means occasionally washing the hair and using the correct conditioners, shampoos, and oils to moisturize it. Unlike other extensions, Remy hair extensions should need critical care to reduce the possibility of damage or fastened wear and tear.

Remy hair extensions last longer than other types of extensions in the market. As a result, they usually cost more money to purchase than most extensions in the market. Among the different types of extensions, some last longer than others. For example, the Indian Remy hair extensions have a 6-8month useful life. Russian hairs may last between 10 -12 months, depending on whether they are well taken care of.

Which is better Remy or Brazilian hair?

Remy hair differs in size and type. There are Indian, Russian, and Brazilian Remy hairs. Many people find the Indian Remy to be an excellent choice because of its bouncy, natural, and curly appearance, making it easy for you to style it easily. Besides, Remy is believed to integrate easily with your hair.


Where does Remy human hair come from?

Remy is typically human hair and comes from female humans who voluntarily donate or sell their hair. Women that donate their hair do so due to religious reasons. Once the company receives the hair, the hair goes through a company-based process that differs according to the company standards and the finished product used to make human hair wigs and other beauty products, including extensions.

While in the company, Remy is usually collected from different sources. They are collected with the roots and tips arranged to face one specific direction. The main reason for the arrangement of the wigs is to prevent the extensions from tangling with other hair strands. If they tangle with the hair strands getting them back to their normal status might be time-consuming and may reduce the useful life of the hair extensions.

What’s the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair?

Remy hair is usually more expensive than non-Remy hairs. The main difference between Remy and non-Remy hair is the removal of hair cuticles. Remy hairs are stripped off their hair cuticles due to over-processing. Afterward, silicon is added to give the non-Remy hairs a shiny and healthy finish.

The advantage of Remy hairs which are non-processed is that they can give perfect color matches. Regardless of the type of color that you are looking for, unprocessed Remy hairs are a great idea as they can be suitable matches for you. Similarly, dyeing the Remy hair will be easier because the extension does not have a dyeing history making it easy for the bearer to handle it as needed.