Mercedes Benz Upgrade to Android Navigation

Mercedes Benz Upgrade to Android Navigation

Unfolding the tattered map on the lap and guiding a driver who seemed to know more than the map itself, then ending on an argument was always the order of new travels. But with the current developed Technology, the automotive and communication industry has made life easier. Mercedes Benz manufacturers grow the brand's worth day and night with their Technology packed vehicles.

It is now easy to drive around new environments as a native would, in a new Mercedes Benz model, a fact that wouldn't have been possible in the recent history of navigation. With the automobile and Google’s Android Navigation, the two industries aim at a future with self-driving vehicles already seen in Mercedes Benz-Actros trucks.

Important Details About Mercedes Benz Android Navigation

Mercedes Benz android Navigation allows drivers to pair their compatible android devices to Mercedes Benz vehicles giving access to several Google services. The compatibility is, however, limited on android phones running Windows 10 Operating Systems and above.

Those running Windows 9 and below can also connect their phones through an Android app downloadable from the Google Play store. Mercedes Benz sold their first A-Class models having android auto, in 2017. However, the brand has not yet released an android update for after-market vehicles sold before then; but there are varieties of pre-owned vehicles in the market having Android navigation in them.

This simulation of android Auto into Mercedes Benz has been a significant process dating back to the first Auto Pilot Systems in 1995s Mercedes Benz vehicles. With significant growth in Technology, the manufacturers further introduced the COMAND system and later the COMAND online in 2011. The latter gave Mercedes Benz drivers the chance to send google-searched destinations from their smartphones to the then infotainment systems in the vehicle.

So generally, it’s been a great mileage for Mercedes Benz with google featuring indirectly in the searches, until the most recent 2017 modification that brought about Android Navigation. The German manufactured vehicle has a promising future for its drivers through the already modified Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX). This has the android Navigation technology increasingly running within a cloud coverage, making it easier for drivers to navigate even in places with no official address.

Quality Assurance of Android Navigation in Mercedes Benz Vehicles

The modern system versions featured in Mercedes Benz Android Auto technology guarantee flexible and reliable systems that won't suck down over updates or when cell phone coverage is low. So as more Mercedes Benz versions are being manufactured, the drivers can be sure of further developments in the general car navigation system.

The developments include the already tested advanced driver’s assistance systems. This will upgrade the vehicles to read detailed maps information based on the relevant technology platforms.

However, the android auto technology may vary from one vehicle model to another with different upgrade requirements over time. However, the manufacturers have all drivers well taken care of in their Mercedes Benz Android Navigation centers. These authorized dealers have different Android navigation upgrades from Android 10/11 OS having high volume RAMs to different screen versions ranging from 10.25” to 12.3” android GPS navigation screens.

The updates support all the vehicle's original functions, including steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, factory cameras, original radio, and navigation. All these are in addition to professional consultants, who will handle and give reliable advice on different matters relating to the Mercedes Benz android upgrade.