Methods of prolonging your pillow’s life

comfortable pillows for bed

After many hours of working, being in school, or doing other activities, you want to relax and have a perfect sleep. Several things contribute to your well-being while sleeping, like a good mattress, clean bedsheets, and pillows. A good and comfortable pillow especially plays an important role. You should endeavor to get comfortable pillows for beds, couches, or whichever area is meant for relaxing. Good quality pillows aren’t that cheap so learning to maintain them and have them for long is vital. In this post, we focus on ways for pillow life extension.

How to extend the life of your pillow

Bed pillows are always in direct contact with our faces. They receive their fair share of oils, hair, dead skin, and bacteria. With time, these factors drive you to get new pillows to maintain comfort and hygiene purposes. However, there are habits you can adopt to prolong their life and benefit from their service. They include;

1. Always have the pillow in a pillowcase

This is one of the simplest ways of protecting your pillow from all manner of things. Washing a pillow protector is much easier than cleaning the actual pillow. Also, some pillows are not meant to be washed since their fillings don’t allow that. There are many types of protectors, which is good because you get a variety of options to choose from. They come in different sizes as well, meaning you can find a case for whichever pillow you have. Be careful when washing the pillowcases since some are delicate, and ruining them leaves your pillows exposed.

2. Clean the pillows often

Direct washing of the pillow helps remove dirt and foul smells within it. You can do it using a washing machine or by hand but remember to check the label for instructions to avoid damage. Some fabrics are best washed using warm water and others cold water. Pillow cleaning is recommended for life extension but note that not all people are to be cleaned. Never wash memory form pillows or those infused with silicone gel, as you’ll be doing more harm than good. Instead, air the pillows to dry moisture and get rid of any dampness.

3. Ensure the pillow has good support

Proper support is among the key reasons for using a pillow. It supports parts of your body like the head and neck, thus providing maximum comfort. Sleeping on the pillow constantly tends to press down on the fillings. With time, it loses its firmness, and the support and comfort levels are compromised. At this point, most people choose to discard the pillow and buy a new one. However, ensuring it has good support can last you a couple of more months. Fluff the pillow, shake it, manipulate it to get the fillings back to their positions. You can do this with any pillow, but it works best with foam pillows. Doing this restores its support, and its use continues.

Last words

Pillows are suitable for anyone wanting to achieve comfort, especially when sleeping. High-quality pillows come at a price, so you don’t want constant trips to the store to buy or order from an online website as more money is spent. It’s essential to learn how to extend their life to serve you more. The tips above are straightforward, and following them definitely keep your pillows looking good.