Three Things You Should Do After Getting Your Huawei Laptop

Three Things You Should Do After Getting Your Huawei Laptop

You have just purchased your dream huawei laptop, and you're most likely excited. Buying a laptop is no easy feat. From saving up the money for the computer, choosing the desired specifications you need for the laptop, and finally paying for the laptop, the whole process is usually more stressful than you'll expect. But buying a computer isn't all there is to owning a computer. You still have to make some sacrifices, this time, primarily time-related sacrifices. 

After buying the laptop, the next thing on your mind is to use the computer as much as you can. But what happens when the computer isn't performing optimally? Do you know how annoying it can be that your new laptop doesn't have the performance you desire? That's why before you use the computer, you have to go through a series of procedures to ensure the laptop works optimally. 

These processes may be time-consuming, but it helps you enjoy your laptop. Some of the methods include; 

Check Your Operating System

Except you're buying your laptop directly from the producers of the computer themselves, you have to check the operating system on the computer. As much as possible, you should stay updated with the latest operating system for your laptop. That's because you get to receive a better user experience, more updates, and more security on your computer. Depending on the operating system on the computer, you can update. If you're using any of the Huawei matebook full series, there's a high chance you'll use the windows Os. To update the Windows operating system, you only have to navigate your settings and find updates and security. 

Install Antivirus

Soon enough, you'll find yourself surfing the internet with your new laptop visiting numerous websites, both safe and unsafe. Likewise, you may need to share and collect files with friends and colleagues through flash drives, which may be carrying viruses. If you don't have an antivirus or your antivirus isn't updated, then you may have big problems with viruses in the near future. For the Windows operating system found on most Huawei matebook full series, you already have the Microsoft defender. The Microsoft defender, in most cases, can stop many viruses. 

Ensure you're safe against thieves

When you bought your system, it wasn't only you who got excited - people who want to steal the laptop are eager. Sometimes, you may not exactly have your laptop stolen, but you may lose it for a while. Most operating systems have a feature that helps you find your computer rather easily. On the latest operating system from Windows, there's an in-built program, Find My Device, with the aim of helping you find your devices easily. All you have to do is find your way to the same update and security page under the settings icon. To use this feature, you need to be logged on to your Microsoft account from the system.


To avoid losing data from your system, you can also try to set up your backup storage through the cloud of your operating system. There are many things you should do before you install your favorite applications. You can start with the most important ones discussed above.